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Inviska MKV Info
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About Inviska MKV Info

Inviska MKV Info displays information about tracks, attatcments and chapters present in an MKV or MKA file. Information can be viewed as a tree or as plain text.


Inviska MKV Info has the following features:

Usage Instructions

To view information simply drop an MKV file into the window, press the Open button at the top right, or select File -> Open File.

To switch to Verbose mode select Scan Level -> Verbose from the menu. If there is already a file open it will be rescanned and the verbose output will be displayed. Note that, while Standard scans are pretty much instantaneous, Verbose scans take considerably longer, with times exceeding ten seconds for larger files. The additional information displayed in Verbose mode will be of little value to most users, so it is best to use a Standard scan, unless you specifically require the cue entries and the file positions.

You can select which of the three tabs should be shown by default in the Preferences dialog, which is accessed through File -> Preferences.

The MKVInfo output can be saved to a text file by pressing the Save MKVInfo Output button, or by selecting File -> Save MKVInfo Output. Likewise, the MKVMerge Identify output can be saved by clicking Save MKVMerge Output button, or by selecting File -> Save MKVMerge Output

If you require further assistance, or wish to report a bug, please visit the forum or see the FAQ.