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Sorry for the lengthy website outage. I was changing hosting provider and expected a brief outage while the domain transferred. Unfortunately, I developed a condition with my eyes called Central Serous Choroidopathy and never got around to uploading the site. My right eye has largely recovered, but the doctor says there's a lot of scaring on the retina of my left eye and damage to the optic nerve, so it's now pretty useless. The condition is apparently brought about by stress, and is probably a result of taking on too many things at once. I started quite a few other projects around the same time I started this software, and I think I took on a bit too much. I've dropped some things and have also decided to leave the forum offline. I would like to add a forum again, but that probably won't be for some considerable time, so if you find any bugs in the software send an email to the address at the bottom of the page.

As for the software, I think it's mostly feature complete and I'll just keep it maintained while I work on other things. Quite a few people had made feature requests for Inviska Rename, and most of them were included in version 4.0, but there were a few things I didn't get around to. I may add some of those later, but I'd like to start working on a cross platform file manager. I'm going to take things slowly, so it won't be coming out any time soon.

Also, just to explain why the website was offline for so long; I wanted to upload it with the new versions of the software. Unfortunately, when I tried to build the macOS version I found Qt 5.10 would no longer compile with the latest macOS SDK. I therefore decided to wait until Qt 5.11.0, but when that was released I found a number of bugs had been introduced into the macOS version. I therefore decided to wait until Qt 5.11.1, but fixes to the macOS bugs didn't make it into that release. By this point the website had been offline for ages, so I thought I best upload it along with the new versions for Windows and Linux and do the macOS release later once the Qt bugs were fixed. What should have been a very brief outage turned into a lengthy outage due to my eye problems, and then turned into an absurdly long outage because of all the issues with the Mac builds. I probably should have put the site back online a lot sooner. Sorry about that.