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Inviska ASS Stripper
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About Inviska ASS Stripper

Inviska ASS Stripper's primary purpose is to remove karaoke subtitles from Advanced Substation Alpha (ASS) scripts. Few people sing along to the romanji subtitles, or even read them at all, so karaoke subtitles cause only distraction and visual pollution. It can therefore be desirable to remove these subtitles, but a complex karaoke can run to thousands of lines and use a multitude of different styles, so removing them manually from a every episode in a series can be time consuming. With Inviska ASS Stripper you can remove all karaoke subtitles by simply checking a few boxes.

Aside from removing karaoke, Inviska ASS Stripper can also be useful if you want to merge the dialogue from one subtitle script with the signs from another. In this case you can strip the signs from one script and the dialogue from the other, then merge the scripts by pasting one into the other.


Inviska ASS Stripper allows you to:

Usage Instructions

To strip lines from scripts:

  1. Add the ASS files you want to process by dropping them into the ASS Stripper window, or by selecting File -> Add Files.
  2. All styles present in the scripts will be read and listed in alphabetical order in the Styles box. Check the boxes next to the styles associated with the lines you want to remove. For example, if you wanted to remove the opening and ending karaoke from some scripts, simply select all styles used in the karaoke, as shown here, or with a more complex karaoke here.
  3. If you also want to strip all comments out of the box next to Strip Comments From Scripts.
  4. Click the Begin button to perform stripping.
Setting The Output Directory

By default, stripped scripts will output to the same directory as the original script, but with "-stripped" appended to the filename. For example, if the input file is D:\Subs\Episode 01.ass, the output file would be D:\Subs\Episode 01-stripped.ass.

This behaviour can be changed so that scripts output to a sub-directory called Stripped. For example, if the input file is D:\Subs\Episode 01.ass, the output file would be D:\Subs\Stripped\Episode 01.ass. You can set this alternative behaviour at File -> Preferences -> ASS Stripper -> Output to 'Stripped' sub-directory.

Alternatively, you can specify a directory in the Output Directory box, which overrides the behaviour set under Preferences. For example, if your input file is D:\Subs\Episode 01.ass, and you specify an output directory of D:\Modified Subs, the output file will be D:\Modified Subs\Episode 01.ass.

If you require further assistance, or wish to report a bug, please visit the forum or see the FAQ.